Sled for Business Users (Viewer)

Modern businesses run on data. With Sled everybody in the organization can find and understand one of your organizations most important assets.

Most business users would have the viewer role in Sled.

As a viewer you will only see things that your data team approved for usage. So you should only find high-quality data assets that can help you drive the business forward.

Find data

Discover data tables, business definitions or curated dashboards from the landing page.

Browse curated topics

Your data team curated the most import data assets by topics, so you can easily find them, right on the landing page.

If there are too many topics or you look for a specific attribute of a table (e.g. customer address) you can use the search.

The search will returns different objects, with the most popular ones ranked at the top.

Click into search and you can filter by object type if you are interested in finding e.g. only tables.

Understand data

Get structured and high-quality meta data about your companies most important assets.

  • Documentation: Each table has a page in the catalog, with a quick description and automatically assigned meta data. Complex or ambigious expressions are explained with Terms that quickly allow you to navigate to the definition or find other places, where #orders are used.

  • Column Profiles: You can also drill deeper to the column-level to understand the shape and details of the data. Among other things, you can see column usage, completeness and how many unique values are stored.

Data Quality

For sound data driven decisions, we need good quality data. Checks help you understand the service-level of the data and if there is currently a problem. Learn more about Checks.

Agree on Terms

Terms are important common business definitions that allow everybody to agree on important concepts. Click on "Group" at the top right to browse them by topic.

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