Connect with Tableau to

1) find and document important workbooks

2) see lineage from tables to workbooks or columns to visualizations

3) get an overview of what is most used

Connection Settings

Both Tableau Online or Tableau Server (2019.3 or later) are supported.

Tableau Online


Hostname expects the url of the online instance. Site expects the site name.


Generate a Personal Access Token with a user who is either "Site Admin Explorer" or "Site Admin Creator".

  1. Open “My Account Settings“

2. Go to the section “Personal Access Tokens”

3. Create new token with name “sled

4. Copy token secret to clipboard and save it. This token is valid for 1 year and will need to be refreshed.

Alternatively Username and Password can be used if no MFA is enabled.

Tableau Server

For connecting from the Cloud with Tableau server, please coordinate with our customer success team A typical network setup uses OpenVPN or AWS PrivateLink.

Make sure the meta data API is enabled.

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